Monday, June 9

Reading Books and the Library

When Jumpin' J woke up from his nap he got to read for a little bit in his room while I finished up on the computer. He is very funny when he reads now because he has to have the book the right way up and he will turn it around if he opens it and it is upside down.


Today I decided to take Jumpin' J to the library. He's been a couple of times before but one time was when he was really tiny and the other we just popped in to see something in the adult section. But today we went to the children's section. And he was loving it. There was a tiny rocking chair that he sat in and a wagon which of course he climbed right into. And then the books were awesome of course. They even have a section of board books so he got to take a look at them all by himself.


It gives me real joy to see that he loves books as much as I do. I know that his dad will coach his sports teams because he is very athletic. And we will both make sure he loves school, he's a smarty pants already. But it's nice to know he loves something that I really love and that we can share, especially since I want to be a librarian.


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Katy said...

You guys should come up to visit after I'm done school and we can take the kids to the pond! I'm going to get Riley a little baby float.