Thursday, June 5

Look at Me... No Pants

Jumpin' J has been quite helpful for a couple of months now when it comes to putting his pants on. He straightens his legs when I say "time for pants." He also really seems to like pants best. He plays peek a book with his pants when you're changing him and those are his second favorite article of clothing to carry around the house, socks are his favs there. Anyway today Jumpin' J learned just how easy it is to take OFF his pants. He is constantly walking on the bottoms of his pants because they're too long and I guess this was just too much for him today because when he came around the corner of the chair grinning at me it was sans pants! I had to quick snap a picture because it was hilarious. So here is the quick shot of pantless J as he went looking for them to have me put them back on.


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