Friday, May 9

Helping Mommy

Jumpin' J really loves to help me around the house. If I'm vacuuming he'll come up and chase the vacuum. And if I'm putting away the dishes from the dishwasher he tries to climb in to help. But he what he loves to help most with is the laundry.

He helps make sure all the hangers are untangled by dumping them out of the basket onto the floor. And he separates all the socks by pushing them all around until he finds the one he likes best and then he'll crawl all around the house carrying it. And if there are nice neat piles of clothes on the coffee table he lets me know that too much neatness isn't good and promptly pulls the piles onto the floor.


But really the part of the laundry he likes best is riding in the laundry basket to and from the laundry room. I'm honestly not sure what I'm going to do when he gets too heavy because he laughs all the way. It makes me feel like I'm the coolest mom in the world.

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