Tuesday, May 13


Playdates are the current word for taking your kid to play with another kid and getting a little adult time in the process. We have been on many playdates over the past year as we get to know more people and Jumpin' J gets more aware of other kids.

Today we went to our friend, Jenny's, house for a playdate. There were lots of kids there; some were bigger than J and some were his age or smaller. We got there late because of J's naptime and he got cranky fast because of the stimulation but while we were there it was a great time. I think J really wanted to go play with the big boys but was content to play with the many cars and trucks that littered the living room. And it was nice for me to get to hang out with my friends Stacey and Jenny and to meet some new people too. Hopefully we can play with them again soon.

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