Wednesday, May 21

Jumpin' J's Day

Monday was a good day for Jumpin' J although I'm pretty sure he didn't really get that it was his birthday. We sang Happy Birthday to him when he first got up.


Then we played with his trucks and read some books.


One of his new books from Grandma Laurie is the Grouchy Ladybug and J loves to find the teeny tiny ladybug on each page. After that we had breakfast and J took a nap.


When he woke up from his nap he got dressed and played in his sock and shoe drawer for a while.


Later in the afternoon we met up with his birthday buddy.


And when we got home Daddy was already home to celebrate with Jumpin' J.


A quick pic with Mommy.


And then his big present from Mommy and Daddy, a big red Radio Flyer wagon.


Which had to be thoroughly inspected.


And then we went for a quick walk to check out the ride.


After his ride it was dinner and a bath. In the bath he got to play with some of his new tubby toys that Daddy picked out for him.


He was tuckered out after a very busy day and went right to sleep, on his belly with his thumb in his mouth and his bum in the air.


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Lilypad Mom said...

I'm glad he had a great birthday! We can't wait to celebrate with him. I love the new blog header too.