Friday, May 2

Busy Week

Again I can't believe how fast this week went by. Monday was my classroom visit and J played with Ella. Tuesday I had to pick up my dress for Auntie Laura and Uncle BK's wedding then we went to visit Grandma Laurie at work for a few minutes. Wednesday we had our meeting and then at night I had a hair appointment. And then yesterday I had to go drop off papers for a project I just finished so I could get paid and then we drove home to MA. All of that might not sound like a lot but man it was tiring.

And we have a lot to do today too; post office, CVS, Lit Center, maybe BJs, and the library. Good thing it's raining out so I don't feel as guilty about dragging Jumpin' J in and out of places instead of letting him play outside.

This morning we played for quite a while before Jumpin' J got hungry. We started by playing with the froggie hamper with the hangers in it.


We were playing with his cars when J realized that he could see out the back window across to the street to see the real cars and trucks go by. When the school bus pulled in across the street he got so excited that he almost fell over.


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Lilypad Mom said...

He looks so desperate to get outside despite the rain.