Friday, May 9

Big Trucks

Jumpin' J LOVES trucks. There are lots of other things like animals and the ABCs and balls that he likes but he could sit and stare at the road the whole day to see big trucks. I have to make sure there is time each day for me to supervise J at the front door so that he can look out for the cars and trucks that go by.


And if we're at the back door or even better in the backyard he gets soooo excited to see the big trucks go by and the bigger the better. Cars seem to be pretty cool and the rare motorcycle gets a screech but trucks are where it's at I tell you. When we go on walks he has to point and say "I see" at all the trucks in our neighbors yards and since SUVs count as trucks there are a lot. It's really quite amusing.


I've never been a real girly girl but other than legos I don't remember really being into "boy's" toys so this is a very interesting experience for me. I have a feeling that he is going to be very manly like his Daddy. He already charms every lady he sees so he's on his way!

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