Wednesday, May 7

Grass Antics

This afternoon was so nice that Jumpin' J and I went to play in the backyard after lunch for a little while. He is finally getting used to the concept of grass, enough so that he decided to dive in for a little taste.


He crawled around a little, especially to chase his ball that rolled down the hill.


He also noticed some dandelions which of course had to be inspected. I did manage to keep those out of his mouth although J protested loudly at being denied a taste.


The most exciting thing that happened this afternoon though is that J took a little walk with me just holding onto one hand. He's still a little wobbly but was quite proud of himself and even started to get ahead of me.


I've been wondering if he was going to walk soon because he just doesn't seem all that interested in walking. He can crawl really fast and can get up and down to get at everything he wants so walking just didn't seem to be a priority. But maybe now with the chance to be outside where there's not as much to hang on to he'll start to want to walk, we'll see.

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Lilypad Mom said...

Come on Mom, haven't you heard of dandelion salad? He's just trying to expand his tastes! ;-)