Friday, May 2

Manic Monday

This past week was so busy I can't even believe how fast it's flown by. Monday was particularly busy because I had the opportunity to speak to a class of third graders about my travels to all seven continents. After Jumpin' J's nap we headed to NH!


It was really fun but exhausting! I would like to thank my friend Gail for inviting me to speak to her class. And I have to give her major major props for being such a great teacher! She has TONS of books in her classroom.

While I went to third grade Jumpin' J was a very lucky boy to get to play with his friend Ella and her cousin Taylor.


I was gone for over 3 hours and when I got back he didn't even notice I was there. When he finally did notice he came to me for a split second and then went back to playing.


I guess I should be happy that he is such a well adjusted kid but I have to admit I was a little sad to see that he is growing up and doesn't need me so much already. It was so very nice of Ella's mom, Mackenzie, to watch J, I really appreciated it!!! I stayed and talked to her for a little while until Ella's dad was on his way home and then we went to Grandma Laurie's house!

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