Thursday, May 29

Redheads Unite!

I caught this quick shot of the three redheads in my family at Jumpin' J's birthday party. It's rare to catch them all together especially since Grandma Laurie hates having her picture taken. I figure since it was just the top of her head it would be ok ;)

Did you know that red hair is caused by having two copies of a recessive gene on Chromosome 16? Yup, it's true. Red hair is the rarest of the hair colors and is found in only 1-2% of the world's population. The greatest number of redheads actually reside in the U.S. with between 6 and 18 million at any time but that is from the descendants of the immigrants from the British Isles and Nordic countries. Although the rumor is that red hair is going away there is no scientific proof of this and it can skip generations, as in Jumpin' J's case, before reappearing.

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Missi said...

Um, I think you left out one other redhead in your life! Miss you and I want to see all the pictures from his birthday please! LOVE YOU