Thursday, May 15

First Card and Present Arrive

Time just flies by. It totally boggles my mind that Jumpin' J's birthday is Monday already and he is going to be one year old!!! In some ways it feels like just this morning when I was holding him for the first time and in other ways it feels like he's been here forever since I can't imagine life without him.

Today J and I went to get the mail and in it was his first birthday card and first birthday package. J was so excited when I told him that it was his card and package although I am not sure how much he really GOT. He carried his card back from the mailbox all by himself and didn't drop it at all. He opened his first card with just a little help from me and was thoroughly fascinated with the animals! Thank you Aunt Sandi and Jim!



Then I let him open his first birthday present. He was ripping and tearing through the paper until he could see what was inside and then kept pressing all the letters. I finished taking the paper off and he "helped" me open the box to get all the letters out. He was screeching when he heard that it played the ABC's; that's his favorite song. Great job Auntie Fruitcake, it is a hit!!!



My fridge has officially been kiddi-sized!


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Anonymous said...

YAY! I'm so glad that he got it and loves it! I just wish I was there to see him open it! Love you and miss you XOXOXOX