Friday, April 11

5 Things I Can't Live Without

One of my newer friends, Katie, started her own blog and I think it's really great. I like her point of view and she has a lot of interesting things to say. Her latest blog is on the 5 things she can't live without and it has inspired me to put it into my blog too. So here they are in no particular order:

1. Friends & Family - through the good times and bad I realize that I am so very lucky to have my family and friends. It is truly a blessing to know that you have people to support you when you need support and cheer with you when you are cheering.

2. Love - More and more recently I have realized that I have this great capacity for love and that I just want to share it. I get such joy from simple things.

3. Learning- This is more than just going to school or reading a book. It comes from every contact you have with the universe. I would have to put my love of learning as one of the items at the center of my soul, I would wither if I couldn't keep expanding. And watching James learn is so rewarding, he is just such a sponge and takes such delight in learning!

4. Books - Another given for me. They can teach you so much and transport you to far off places. They can comfort, enrage, sadden, or bring joy! A good book is the glue that keeps me sane in my most insane times.

5. Sunshine - I have to admit this is one of Katie's Top 5 but when I thought about it I realized that it really was one of the things that I can't live without. My favorite times are when you wake up on a sunny cold winter morning after a big snowstorm and look out the window and everything sparkles in the sunlight and you tip your head to the sun and feel it warm you all the way to the tips of your toes. When I lived in Michigan sunshine was one of the things I missed most of all, the lake effect makes for many cloudy days. And sunshine brings such renewal to the earth and to each of us. So thanks Katie for helping me find my fifth.

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