Wednesday, April 23

Playing Outside

We played outside for a little while yesterday morning with our neighbors, Brisol and Reece. Jumpin' J loves his babes and they love him. I think he could get them to feed him grapes and fan him if he was only old enough to know how to ask. They are such cute little munchkins and they keep J on his toes.

We then went to NH so I could go to my dress fitter to get the alterations completed for Auntie Laura's wedding in 2.5 weeks. Better late than never I suppose. And after that we went to Grandma Laurie's house. It was a little early for dinner so J and I went outside to play again. But for some reason Jumpin' J was not excited about the grass outside Grandma's house. He wouldn't put his hands in it and kept climbing into my lap. Even when Grandma's neighbor came out to play with her Dora ball Jumpin' J wouldn't touch the grass. He did like the crunchy leaves that are scattered around.


Very weird that he had played in the grass in the morning with our neighbors but wouldn't play in the grass at Grandma's. I can only imagine that her grass must be longer and ticklier than ours. Much to J's dismay I took a picture of his distress before picking him up.


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Lilypad Mom said...

LP wasn't so sure of the grass the summer before her first birthday either, and she really didn't like the sand in the beginning. I can't wait to hear what J thinks of the beach this summer.