Tuesday, April 15

The Explosion of Pink Has Left the Building

Explosion of Pink

We had such a great weekend with the Lilypad Family. Jumpin’ J was endlessly fascinated with Lilypad Princess. When we went for a walk he just wanted to hold her hand and "talked" as if telling her all about his neighborhood, it was really cute!

Holding Hands

And LP seemed to be just as taken with “her baby J” as he was with her. When J’s settled in to read with his daddy, LP climbed right up too so she could enjoy the story.

Story Time

Although I wear pink there isn’t usually a lot of pink in the house. But this weekend there was pink and girly stuff all over. I’m not sure Jumpin’ J knew what to make of all of LP’s dress up clothes and princess dolls. He definitely liked LP’s cars and airplanes though.

LP's Princesses

And now with LP and her parents gone the house looks surprisingly empty without the explosion of pink. Good thing J has the full-length mirror in our bedroom so he has a friend his own age to talk to.

Talking to J


Lily Pad Mom said...

We had a wonderful weekend. Thanks again! LP has been talking about J ever since we got home. We can't wait to see you guys again soon!

LilysPopSteve said...

I am jealous - Jumpin' J gets to wear beautiful Red Sox uniforms, and LP has to wear those "Yuchy" Yankee uniforms.

Great pic's!