Thursday, April 10

Nice Weather for a Walk

Today was an excellent day for a walk. Jumpin' J and I took advantage of that to go out and get some fresh air. J loves to go for walks. When we went out today he starting making all his happy noises and laughing, he was so excited.

I'll never forget the first walk I took with him, he was only 4 days old and I just made it around the very short block near our house and I had to walk very slowly. And I remember the day that I turned him around in the Baby Bjorn from facing me to facing outwards. His head swiveled so much that day I thought it might break off as he tried to take in everything all at once.

He loves to go out and check out all the people and interesting sights. Over the winter we would drive to the mall or to Target just to walk around for a while. I did get a little stir crazy with the cold weather so it was a welcome break just to stroll around the mall.

Now that J's getting bigger I can only imagine that some day soon he'll be walking all on his own and I'll have to hold his hand while we go on our walks. He's growing up so fast.

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