Thursday, April 3

J's Dad's Surgery

Yesterday Jumpin' J got to go to Newton-Wellesley Hospital with his mom, dad, and Grandma Potter because his dad was getting his knee operated on. It was a great adventure. J had lots to read.J's dad had to have his leg shaved for the surgery.Jumpin' J had lots and lots of nurses and doctors to flirt with and tell him he was soooo cute because there were many people who had to come in to see J's dad to make sure he was all set with his surgery.Here's J's dad being wheeled into the operating room.
And then Jumpin' J, his mom, and Grandma Potter went back to J's house after a quick stop at the MathWorks to drop off some work stuff for J's dad. A special thanks to Marta for getting the stuff to Liz for J's dad!

Jumpin' J got all ready for bed early because he had such a busy day. Just after J went to sleep his mom got a call from Doctor Rockett that J's dad was out of surgery and that he did great. J and his mom were very relieved!!! Grandma Potter stayed at the house to watch J while J's mom went back to the hospital to pick up J's dad. Here is a picture of J's dad waiting in the hospital for J's mom to take him home.All in all it was a very eventful day!! Get Well Soon, Daddy!!!

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