Saturday, April 12

Matching PJs

Jumpin' J has several pairs of PJs from the store where LP Mom works because she gets a great deal on them. Last night before we left for the game I left a pair of PJs out for J's dad to dress him in for bed. And when we got up this morning I had to laugh when Lilypad Princess came up the stairs in the pink PJs that matched J's blue ones. They really are so cute together. I think that J wants to be just like LP. He follows her everywhere she goes and sometimes he just stares at her in fascination. I guess she must be super cool because she's 2 and a half to his almost one.This morning they read books and played zoo and played on the firetruck and ate Cheerios! All in all it was a multitude of adventures and they are both currently sleeping to regenerate for an afternoon of play!

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