Friday, April 4

Rough Day

Jumpin' J got up at his normal time but he was pleasantly suprised not to see his dad running around getting ready for work. Instead J's Mom and Grandma Potter explained that Daddy has a boo boo on his leg and he needs lots of sleep. It was a rough day for Jumpin' J's dad. His leg hurt a lot and he didn't feel good. We tried to let him sleep as much as possible.
Jumpin' J however had a very busy day. He went to the grocery store with his mom, played with Grandma Potter, and had a VERY fun time jumping as high as he could. He jumped so much that his mom couldn't even get a picture of him.At the end of the day he had homemade chicken soup that Grandma Potter made for dinner. And after some tubby time J's mom brought him downstairs to have Daddy read Jumpin' J his favorite book, Green Eggs and Ham.

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Lily Pad Mom said...

I hope J's dad is feeling better and up and about soon! LP sends lots of hugs and a get better kiss.