Saturday, April 19

Bubbles With Daddy and 11 Months Today


Saturdays are inevitably busy these days because of Little Gym. Today Jumpin' J and I went alone because J's dad is still recovering from his knee surgery. After J's afternoon nap he and his dad went out to play bubbles in the front yard. I'm not sure who had more fun?!?!?!


J's dad would "catch" the bubbles and Jumpin' J would roar with laughter and rock in his stroller so much I thought it might tip over. It was really a special moment for both of them I think.


Jumpin' J turned 11 months old today. It's hard to believe that his next "monthday" is his first birthday. Time flies by so fast when you're having fun! It is very hard to get J to sit still these days so here are a couple pics I took while he was getting ready for bed.



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Lilypad Mom said...

He looks so happy in that first picture, and so old! I'm sure his dad had as much fun as he did, bubbles have a way of bringing out the kid in all of us. I can't believe he's almost a year already, where did the time go?